Zimba Women Sacco

The initial need/purpose of the Zimba Women SACCO includes:
Savings. As a member, you are usually required to contribute a certain amount of money towards your savings. You all know how it’s hard to save especially if you don’t have a specific goal in mind. But with a sacco you can continuously keep on saving until that day that you’ll come up with an idea for something. It could be a business, buying land, a house etc.
Loans. It’s much easier to secure a loan from a sacco as opposed to other financials. As a member, you are usually entitled to getting a loan that is usually worth a certain number of times the value of your deposits. In addition to the ease of acquiring a loan the interest charged on the loans is usually much cheaper than financial banks.
Dividends. As a sacco member, you are a co-owner of the sacco and therefore you are entitled to dividends annually. Saccos usually pay a good dividend rate on your entire savings.
Retirement. Are you planning on saving for retirement but don’t have a concrete idea as to where to save? Why not start with a sacco.