We are thrilled to be launching our online trading platform!

Access to larger markets is a huge motivating factor for self-employment and entrepreneurship for women in Africa and with the current COVID-19 developments and the guidelines that have been put in place to prevent the further spread of the pandemic, there is an even bigger strain on businesses selling products at physical locations as their customers can’t find them at their designated premises and the reverse is true.

As a team, we are passionate about finding ways to support women with their businesses via digital channels and through providing tools to engage in trade. While we might not be able to trade physically at the moment, digitally we will and as such we are thrilled to be introducing the Zimba Mart powered by Zimba Women, an online e-commerce platform will expose the products from SMEs to a vast local and international online market in a supportive, all-inclusive and friendly and environment with a specific focus on the members of Zimba Women.

The platform makes it easy to obtain valuable items ranging from vegetables, fruits to household materials which can be delivered at your place of convenience. These entrepreneurs will be able to build and manage their own online stores with Zimba Group’s custom E-commerce software.

 This is still largely a work in progress and all hands are on deck!  If you are looking to join our cohort of women now in our digital market, do reach out via our email at info@zimbawomen.org and let’s get trading!