How to pivot to making money at home post COVID.

Work is a huge aspect of our daily lives and with the ongoing COVID-19 developments over the past few weeks, many aspects of how we work have been challenged. By now majority of us have probably realized that amidst all the uncertainty, many opportunities have likewise emerged and in this article our CEO Sherifah Tumusiime shares some ideas that you can adopt either to supplement your reduced income or make money if you are out of a job.

Here are 7 ideas that you can consider;

  • Access to internet
  • Social capital.


  1. Online tutoring.  Are you good at math? Imagine all the candidates now at home. Offer to support a child. You can even leverage tools like Whats App. Send work (Utilize all the many currently free resources online) and have the student send it back (take pictures) for marking.
  2. Online free-lancer. Do you have a skill you can offer a company or individuals?  Many new e-commerce stores have been established over the past few weeks including our newly launched platform the Zimba Mart and they could really use your customer support expertise.
  3. Video Editing. Video content has gained popularity over the past year and today almost everyone is creating videos on TikTok and becoming YouTubers. Offer to edit their videos. Soft ware like Apple’s Final Cut Pro is now free for 90 days.
  4. Become an online vendor. We have all become bakers and artisans these past few weeks. Sell that online. Sign up on online stores such as the Zimba Mart and Jumia. You can also use social media platforms including WhatsApp.
  5. Become a YouTuber. We are all home bored out of our minds and hungry for content. Often people have the idea that it has to be something really serious but even a video just making social commentary. Pick that. Hopefully rack up enough views to get paid.
  6. Can you write or edit publications?  Masters students are home. Offer to edit their thesis at a fee.
  7. Online coaching. Are you a fit fam? A cooking guru? Offer to teach for a fee.  It can be as easy as transacting online, sending a link to your Whats App study group and have people join. You can also offer financial coaching to individuals and businesses and help them design a post COVID plan at a fee.

Right now, everything is upside down. These are strange times. Find something you can run with and run.